Location: Brewton, Alabama

Description: Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Salary: $41,900+ depending on experience and licensure

Qualifications: Master degree in counseling, psychology, social work, criminal justice, or other mental health related field. Ability to become a licensed counselor or secure ADC certitication

Preferred Experience: Knowledge of community mental health and crisis services for Alabama. Knowledge of drug court and community resources withing the catchment area and Alabama. 

Duties and Responsibilites: Provide group and individual counseling services to individuals with substance use disorders. Assist with securing inpatient or detox placement for individuals as needed. Participate in local drug court weekly. Maintain licensure or ADC certification as required by the Alabama Department of Mental Health Standards. Work closely with local hospitals, law enrforcement and other community agencies to provide care and de-escalation assistance for individuals with SA and mental health issuses in a crisis sitiuation. Provide after hour crisis on call services on an Agency rotation schedule.