Location: Grove Hill, Alabama

Description: Registered Nurse-Clark Place 

Qualifications: Must be a Registered Nurse licensed in Alabama.

Preferred Experience: Previous experience with mentally ill consumers or in the behavioral health field.

Duties and Responsibilities: This position will be at Clark Place Group Home (CLP). CLP is a group home for individuals with mental illness. The RN is responsible for overseeing the medications for all consumers in the group home (typically 15 individuals) as well as assisitng with consumer needs that attend the day program that is held on the grounds of the facility. Works up all consumers who will be seen by the psychatrist via telemedicine at the facility. RN will review possible new admissions to the group home to assess appropriateness for admission. Completes a nursing assessment and plan of care for admissions and current residents as needed. Monitors regular healthcare needs for consumers and consults with outside providers as needed to insure proper medical care for consumers. Provides oversite and direction as needed to MAC workers on site in regards to medication and consumer care. Could provide BLS classes to group home consumers and day program participants. On call duties in rotation with entire nursing staff.