Location: Monroe County -  Alabama

Salary: $18 hr negotiable based on experience and skills

Description: IT Support Technician

Qualifications: High School or GED. Knowledge of commonly used software, hardware, and applications inlcuding but not limited to-Micorsoft Office, WebEx, iOS Apple. Must have strong oral and written communication skills. Analytical and problem solving skills to trouble shoot and diagnose issues. Time management and organizational skills as well as ability to multitask.

Preferred: Associate degree or higher in computer science, information systems, or information technology

Duties and Responsibilities: Work closely with all agency staff members to insure they can operate software and hardware required to complete their daily tasks. Provide IT assistance for incoming staff questions via phone or logged in remotely to their unit to assess, diagnose, and resolve ongoing issues with equipment or software.  Assess, prioritize, and resolve IT support requests for employees utilizing an agency ticketing system. Set up work stations and provide necessary training for new hires during the onboarding process. Install and maintain new software and hardware drivers. Utilize written communication skills to create usefull support logs and documentation.  Provide updates and fixes within a promised time frame. Must be able to multitask in order to assist/address multiple employees at once. Maintain up to date equipment list for all hardware issued to stafff members. Monitor systems for warning signs of potential issues and propose solutions to potential problems.