Position: CAM Coordinator (consumer accounts manager)

Location: Monroeville, Alabama 

Salary: $16.00 hr

Qualifications: High School diploma, Quickbooks and bookkeeping experience required. Proficiency with Excel spreadsheets required.

Preferred Experience: Associate degree in business/accounting preferred. Accounting experience beneficial. 

Duties and Responsibilities:  Responsible for overseeing approximately 45 consumer accounts utilizing Quickbooks program. Works with agency care coordinators to manage weekly check writes for consumers bills, spending money, and other necessities. Constantly monitors account balances for accuracy and alerts care coordinators of issues with accounts. Insures consumer accounts are balanced and actively communicates with other staff regarding the accounts. Actively tracks needed receipts for the individual accounts per Social Security guidelines.  Must be able to recognize unusual changes or non receipt of regular bills in order to assure client accounts stay current. Verifies and enters all consumer deposits.