Bipolar Disorder
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How to Talk About Bipolar Disorder with Anyone
Bring Change to Mind
With the right words, you can talk about mental health with anyone. This very brief video is about starting mental health conversations.

How to get stuff done when you are depressed
TEDx Talks
Did you know the World Health Organization says depression will be the second greatest disability in the world by 2020 (second only to blindness)? Depression makes it hard for millions of people to finish school or hold down a job. In fact, depression is the number one disability among Americans ages 15 to 24. Jessica Gimeno lives with bipolar disorder and has worked in mental health nonprofit for years. Now, she wants to expand the discourse beyond receiving a diagnosis into helping people with chronic depression develop the life-skills they need to be productive. In this talk, you will find tips to get stuff done and connect to an individual who despite a mental illness is getting more things done than the average person.

Tell Me About Depression
For more information about depression and how to get help please visit

Depression: More Than Just the Blues
Lee Memorial Health System
Depression is not a mood you can just get over. It’s a disease in which the brain stops registering pleasurable activities. Research has identified specific ages in a person’s life where they may be more susceptible to becoming depressed.

Getting Help for Family Members of Bipolar Patients Video
This video describes how family members of bipolar patients have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Expert Bipolar Patient and author, Julie Fast, says you have to take care of yourself first and describes ways to get help.

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