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Getting a Jump on Osteoporosis
Lee Memorial Health System
It affects 200 million women worldwide. Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density over time.

Women and Heart Disease: What you need to know
UCLA Health
UCLA interventional cardiologists Marcie Calfon Press, MD, PhD, and Sheila Sahni, MD, talk about heart disease in women, including risk factors, diagnosis and treatment.

Taking Care of the Female Heart
Lee Memorial Health System
"Women can have the classical and the very typical symptoms as well, but they often don't, and so that becomes even more challenging for us," says Dr. Steven Lee, a cardiologist with Lee Memorial Health System.

Breast Cancer in Younger Women
Lee Memorial Health System
Cancer in young women is typically caught at later stages because no one is looking. Mammograms aren't recommended under age 40, so it often comes down to women being diligent about changes in their body.

Getting Screened for Breast Cancer
Lee Memorial Health System
From top to bottom and side to side, mammograms are thorough screenings designed to detect any changes to the breast tissue.

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