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Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
University of Chicago Press
The journal publishes pathbreaking articles, review essays, comparative perspectives, and retrospectives of interdisciplinary interest addressing gender, race, culture, class, nation, and sexuality. Special issue and section topics cover a broad range of geopolitical processes, conditions, and effects; cultural and social configurations; and scholarly and theoretical developments. Beginning with Volume 27, number 3 (Spring 2002), the full text of all articles is available online at no charge.

Feminism & Psychology
Feminism & Psychology fosters the development of feminist theory and practice in psychology and represents the concerns of women in a wide range of contexts across the academic/applied `divide'.

Women's Studies International Forum
Bimonthly journal to aid the distribution and exchange of feminist research in the multidisciplinary, international area of women's studies and in feminist research in other disciplines. Site allows free access to abstracts from all past issues and full text of article through subscription service.

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