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Postpartum Support International
Indiana-University of Pennsylvania and Postpartum Support International
The site includes essays on postpartum illness cause, prevention and treatment; a worldwide social support network for those wish to join a support group; a guide on anxiety and panic attacks; instructions on how new mothers can build social support; related educational books and videos for new mothers and fathers; valuable postpartum links; a bulletin board; and one of the most complete bibliographies on PPD with a keyword search, etc. A great resource on this problem.

Pregnancy Trimester Information
This site provides a detailed guide to each trimester of pregnancy, including changes to your body, changes to the baby, and caring for yourself. The information is comprehensive, but understandable.

Pregnancy Center
Mayo Clinic
This site features complete guides to pregnancy, from planning your pregnancy to understanding pregnancy tests and managing pregnancy symptoms to labor and delivery.

Pregnancy and Newborn Health Education Center
March of Dimes
This site includes information on what to do before pregnancy, during pregnancy, labor and delivery, special information for dads, as well as information on caring for your newborn. The information is very complete, yet readable, and definitely worth checking out.

National Women's Health Resource Center
National Women's Health Resource Center
A non-profit organization, dedicated to helping women make informed decisions about their health, encourages women to embrace healthy lifestyles to promote wellness and prevent disease. Site contains information and additional resources on over 100 diseases, conditions and disorders, including both medical and mental health issues.

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