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Anxiety Disorders
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Reviewed Anxiety Disorders Information Links

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Panic Disorder
A well-designed site with many informative links and interesting articles to read about panic disorder.

Anxiety, Panic and Phobias
Royal College
This leaflet covers anxiety, including what it is, symptoms and what it feels, like, phobias and panic attacks, causes of anxiety, treatments, and how to get help. Very thorough, yet understandable information.

National Panic and Anxiety Disorder News
Phil Darren
Provides short articles and information on all types of anxiety disorders, as well as treatments and research findings. Sometimes brief information, but useful and easy to understand.

Anxiety Treatment Australia
Catherine Madigan
Anxiety Treatment Australia provides information about anxiety disorders, the treatment options, psychologists around Australia who treat anxiety disorders, group therapy & workshops, support groups, articles, resources and links to other sites. There is good information in here, although navigation through the site is somewhat encumbered by disclaimers.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Mayo Clinic
This site provides answers to frequently asked questions about OCD, including symptoms, how common it is, causes, treatment methods, and where to go for more information. Information is presented in an easy to understand format and is definitely worth checking out.

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