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The Samaritans
The Samaritans
A non-religious charity that has been offering emotional support to the suicidal and despairing for over 40 years by phone visit and letter. Callers are guaranteed absolute confidentiality and retain the right to make their own decisions including the decision to end their life. The service is available via E-mail run from Cheltenham England and can be reached from anywhere with Internet access. Trained volunteers read and reply to mail once a day every day of the year.

the black dog
Barry Golightly
The Black Dog is a website for men suffering from depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. It is a voluntary run site written and designed by men who suffer or have suffered from the above. Currently, has a forum for men to discuss whatever they feel the need to express; a library of supportive texts and analysis, a portal page displaying links to groups we believe can be helpful to men who suffer from depression, a cave for men to take a step back in, a men's health page, practical advice for people who want to help a relative, friend or lover who is suicidal or depressed and a page displaying well-known people who have or do suffer from mental turbulence.

HEARTBEAT: Grief Support Following Suicide
HEARTBEAT: Grief Support Following Suicide
This is a peer support group offering empathy, encouragement and direction following the suicide of a loved one. The site offers many groups in Colorado, as well as a list of those in other parts of the US and world.

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