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Bipolar Disorder
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John McManamy's SharePosts
John McManamy
This blog is written by a man about his experiences in living with Bipolar Disorder.   As a means of coming to terms with his illness, he devoted all his efforts to researching and writing about depression and bipolar disorder. He has written Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder, a book on mood disorders that covers the clinical and scientific issues from a patient’s perspective. In addition to his personal stories, he also covers recent news stories, articles, and research about Bipolar Disorder. The blog is updated regularly and is clearly written.  Definitely worth checking out!

Bipolar Significant Others
Bipolar Significant Others
The material presented on this site is intended to provide information and support to the spouses, families, friends and other loved ones of those who suffer from Bipolar Disorder. The site includes information about symptoms and diagnosis, medications, self care, the role of the family, research, and more. They also offer a mailing list that has been in existence since 1995.

The Icarus Project
The Icarus Project
This blog is a network of people living with experiences that are commonly labeled as bipolar or other psychiatric conditions. They believe they have mad gifts to be cultivated and taken care of, rather than diseases or disorders to be suppressed or eliminated.  The site features articles, journals, resources and community forums.

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