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AHA News: Dementia Can Complicate Heart Recovery and Treatment - 2021-07-30
"Studies show people with dementia -- and even those with mild cognitive impairments -- are less likely than those with no cognitive loss to receive invasive procedures used to treat heart disease, for example." More

Deaths From Alzheimer's Far More Common in Rural America - 2021-07-30
"Teens have a far greater risk of heart inflammation from COVID-19 than from the vaccines that protect against it, new research shows." More

Seniors Rarely Discuss Their Drinking With Their Doctors - 2021-07-30
"Plenty of seniors may struggle with problem drinking, but a new study shows that less than half of them discuss their alcohol use with their health care providers." More

Could COVID-19 Accelerate Alzheimer's Symptoms? - 2021-07-30
"Severely ill COVID-19 patients display biological evidence of brain injury and inflammation as well as early markers of Alzheimer's, according to data gathered by an international consortium reviewing the coronavirus' effects on brain health." More

Nursing Home Staff Closest to Patients Are Least Likely to Get COVID Vaccines - 2021-07-30
"Aides in long-term care facilities are less likely than other staff to be vaccinated, even though they have the most contact with vulnerable patients and could infect them with COVID-19, a new federal study shows." More

Pandemic Boosted Paranoia and Conspiracy Theories, Study Confirms - 2021-07-29
"Using online surveys and the same card games, the researchers detected increased levels of paranoia and erratic behavior among the general population in the United States during the pandemic." More

Lowering Medicare Age Could Help Close Racial Gaps in Health Care: Study - 2021-07-29
"A new study suggests lowering eligibility from age 65 to age 60 could go a long way toward addressing inequities in health insurance, access to care and self-reported health decline." More

Loneliness Raises Opioid Dangers in Seniors: Study - 2021-07-29
"Illustrating a heartbreaking cycle, new research finds that lonely seniors are much more likely to take opioid painkillers, sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs and other medications." More

Want to Avoid Dementia? Add Some Color to Your Plate - 2021-07-29
"People who consumed just a half serving a day of foods high in a naturally occurring compound called flavonoids had a 20% lower risk of mental decline, according to a new study." More

Many Black Men Missed Out on Prostate Cancer Care During Pandemic - 2021-07-28
"Black men in the United States have higher rates of prostate cancer than white men, yet they were far less likely to have surgery for their cancer during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study finds." More

How Trust in Science Can Make You Vulnerable to 'Pseudoscience' - 2021-07-28
"Trusting science is good, but it could put you at risk for being duped by false science, or "pseudoscience," if you let your guard down, researchers warn." More

Dementia Cases Will Nearly Triple Worldwide by 2050: Study - 2021-07-28
"The global total of people living with dementia will rise nearly three-fold by 2050, researchers say." More

Vitamin D May Lower Black Women's Odds for COVID-19 - 2021-07-28
"Unlocking a clue to why Black women might be more susceptible to COVID-19, a new study shows that low levels of vitamin D may increase their risk of infection." More

FDA Panel Advisor Who Panned New Alzheimer's Drug Speaks Out - 2021-07-28
"An outside advisor to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's review of the controversial Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm is now speaking out, arguing that the approval was based on dodgy science and involved questionable collaboration between regulators and the drug's maker." More

The Heat Is On: Staying Safe When Temperatures Soar - 2021-07-27
"Midsummer heat and high humidity aren't just uncomfortable -- they're a combo that can cause serious illness and even death." More

1220 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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