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5 Secrets to an Allergy-Free Valentine's Day - 2020-02-14
"Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to shower your loved one with gifts, but some may do more harm than good." More

Restful Romance: Smelling Your Lover's Shirt Can Help You Sleep - 2020-02-14
"Bedtime without your partner on Valentine's Day could make sleep elusive. But a new study suggests one remedy: Cuddling up with a piece of his or her clothing." More

How to Dispel Your Child's Fears About the New Coronavirus - 2020-02-14
"With stories about the new coronavirus outbreak flooding the media, it's easy to get scared. And if you're scared, your kids might be, too -- but they don't have to be." More

Cholesterol Drugs Might Help Curb 'High-Risk' Prostate Cancers - 2020-02-14
"Drugs that many men with prostate cancer might already be taking -- cholesterol-lowering statins -- may help extend their survival if they have a "high-risk" form of the disease, new research suggests." More

FDA Requests Market Withdrawal of Diet Drug Belviq Due to Cancer Risk - 2020-02-14
"A clinical trial of the weight-loss drug Belviq (lorcaserin) shows an association with an increased risk of cancer, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is requesting that its maker withdraw the drug from the U.S. market." More

More Sex Partners, Higher Cancer Risk? - 2020-02-14
"If you need more than two hands to count the number of lovers you've had in your life, new research suggests you might want to worry about your cancer risk." More

Diabetes Among U.S. Young, Especially Asians, Continues to Climb - 2020-02-13
"Diabetes among U.S. youths continued to rise from 2002 to 2015, especially for Asian children and teens, a new study says." More

Parents, Grandparents to Blame for Many Child Drug Poisonings, CDC Warns - 2020-02-13
"If you are sometimes less than careful with your prescription medications and have young kids at home, a new study shows how easily tragedies can occur." More

'Tough Guys' May Be at Especially High Risk for Suicide - 2020-02-13
"Young men who believe that "real men don't cry" may be more prone to suicide, a new study suggests." More

Time Spent on the Links May Lengthen Life - 2020-02-12
"Grab your golf clubs. Spending a day on the green at least once a month may lower the risk of early death among older adults, a new study finds." More

AHA News: Stroke Survivors Might Need Better Screening for Depression - 2020-02-12
"Depression among stroke survivors peaks during the early months of recovery and persists for a full year, a new study finds. Experts say better screening methods are needed for this population to more effectively prevent and treat depression." More

Growing Up in U.S. 'Stroke Belt' Bad for the Brain Later in Life - 2020-02-12
"Americans who grew up in the swath of the South known as the Stroke Belt are more likely to develop thinking declines later in life, even if they moved away as adults, a new study suggests." More

Consumers Waste Twice as Much Food as Experts Thought - 2020-02-12
"Much more food is wasted worldwide than commonly thought, a new study shows." More

Fewer American Families Weighed Down by Medical Bills - 2020-02-12
"The number of people struggling to pay their medical bills declined dramatically during the last decade, as the Affordable Care Act expanded health insurance coverage and financial protection for the sick." More

Got 'Couch Potato' Teens? It's Not Helping Their Mental Health - 2020-02-12
"Getting your surly teens off the couch might trigger a long-term turnaround in their moods, new research suggests." More

1534 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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