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Do You Take Warfarin? Time of Day Might Not Matter - 2020-01-17
"Patients taking the blood thinner warfarin have been told that it should be taken at night, but a new study found the time of day doesn't matter." More

Fish Oil Supplements Might Help Men Become Dads - 2020-01-17
"Couples struggling to get pregnant might want to add a little more fish in their diet, a new study says." More

Could a Switch to Skim Milk Add Years to Your Life? - 2020-01-17
"If you want to slow down the aging process, it might not hurt to replace whole milk with skim, new research suggests." More

Many Americans Are Inactive, With Southerners Faring Worse - 2020-01-16
"More than 15% of American adults are physically inactive, a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study reports. And all that time on the couch or staring into a computer screen adds to the risk of health problems and premature death." More

Virtual Reality Can Bring Real-Life Pain - 2020-01-16
"From carpal tunnel to a stiff neck, too much time on the computer can cause a slew of health problems. But what if you ditch the keyboard and mouse for virtual reality?" More

Are Doctors Discarding 'Injured' Kidneys That Might Be Used for Transplant? - 2020-01-16
"Many of the donor kidneys that are discarded each year in the United States could instead be effectively transplanted, a large new study suggests." More

Nerve Stimulation Therapy Could Cut Fibromyalgia Pain - 2020-01-16
"For people with the mysterious chronic pain condition fibromyalgia, researchers say nerve stimulation may offer some relief." More

AI Might Help Spot, Evaluate Prostate Cancer - 2020-01-16
"In another step toward using artificial intelligence in medicine, a new study shows that computers can be trained to match human experts in judging the severity of prostate tumors." More

Parents Can Help Their Sleep-Deprived Teens - 2020-01-15
"American teens aren't getting enough sleep, which can lead to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Sleepy teens also are more likely to get into car crashes and have a greater risk of being injured while playing sports." More

Why Tidying Up Is Sometimes Harder Than Expected - 2020-01-15
"If you can't quite bring yourself to declutter your home and toss out unneeded possessions, one reason why might surprise you." More

Women's Blood Pressure Rises Earlier, Faster Than Men's - 2020-01-15
"Popular media often portrays heart disease as a man's problem, but new research suggests that women's blood vessels actually age faster than men's do." More

Which Obesity Surgery Is Right for You? - 2020-01-15
"People considering obesity surgery have a lot to think about, including the specific procedure they want. Now a large study finds that one surgery is tied to a higher rates of hospitalization in the years afterward." More

Trauma of Miscarriage May Trigger PTSD - 2020-01-15
"Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) isn't confined to soldiers on the battlefield; it can happen to anyone after a traumatic event -- including pregnancy loss." More

Probiotics: Don't Buy the Online Hype - 2020-01-15
"any people turn to the internet with health questions, but how reliable is the information you find? When it comes to probiotics, a new study urges caution." More

Pot-Using Drivers Still Impaired After the High Fades - 2020-01-15
"Even when they're not high on marijuana, recreational users of the drug display signs of impaired driving, a new study finds." More

1525 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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