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Exposing Kids to Safe Levels of Peanut When Young Might Prevent Allergy - 2022-01-21
"Some kids might be able to get over their peanut allergy if they start immunotherapy while they're still toddlers, a major new clinical trial reports." More

COVID Vaccine Won't Affect Fertility, But Getting COVID Might - 2022-01-21
"The shots don't affect fertility in either men or women, new research shows, but coronavirus infection could cause short-term fertility problems in men." More

After Heart Attack, Cardiac Rehab Begins Road to Recovery - 2022-01-21
"Fewer than one in 10 eligible Medicare beneficiaries get recommended heart failure rehab treatments, the American Heart Association recently noted." More

Few Countries Do Well Caring for the Dying - 2022-01-21
"Americans don't like to dwell on dying, so maybe it isn't surprising that compared to other nations, the United States does just a middling job of providing a good death." More

COVID Boosters Keep Older Americans Out of Hospitals: CDC - 2022-01-21
"The risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 among older Americans is far higher for those who are unvaccinated than for those who are fully vaccinated and have had a booster shot, new government data shows." More

Many Marijuana Vendors Aim Advertising at Kids: Study - 2022-01-21
"Some recreational pot shops are using tricks from the old playbooks of alcohol and tobacco companies to target underage users on social media, a new study reports." More

Ordering Groceries Online? Good Luck Finding Nutrition Info - 2022-01-20
"Online grocery shopping has skyrocketed during the pandemic, but many websites are making it hard to find nutrition information on products, a new study shows." More

Many Who Attempt Suicide Not Getting the Care They Need - 2022-01-20
"About 4 in 10 Americans who attempt suicide don't get mental health care, claims a new study that also found a "substantial and alarming increase" in suicide attempts." More

Binge-Watching Could Raise Your Blood Clot Risk - 2022-01-20
"A new study suggests that too much binge-watching may raise the risk of life-threatening blood clots in the legs or lungs by 35%." More

Conservatorships Keep the Homeless in Psychiatric Wards Too Long: Study - 2022-01-19
"New research conducted in California warns that once a conservatorship is set up, there's a very real risk that a homeless individual will end up stuck in a psychiatric hospital for weeks or months -- far exceeding what's needed and much longer than inpatient care provided to patients who aren't homeless." More

Crowded Emergency Rooms Cost Lives: Study - 2022-01-19
"A seemingly endless wait in an emergency department can be taxing for many reasons, but new research suggests that long delays in being admitted to the hospital may even raise a patient's risk of death within the following 30 days." More

VA Study Shows Black Men Twice as Likely to Develop Prostate Cancer as Whites - 2022-01-19
"Even in a setting where white and Black people have equal access to medical care, Black Americans fare worse than whites in terms of prostate cancer, new research shows." More

Colonoscopy Surprise Bills Should Be Thing of the Past, Experts Say - 2022-01-19
"Big surprise bills for any colonoscopy done after a positive result from a stool-based screening test will be prevented under new federal rules, a group of U.S. medical organizations say." More

No Evidence Breastfeeding Can Transmit Coronavirus - 2022-01-19
"Breastfeeding moms can rest easier: New research finds no evidence their milk transmits the virus that causes COVID-19 to their babies." More

Biden Plans to Send 400 Million N95 Masks to Americans for Free - 2022-01-19
"The Biden administrations plans to announce Wednesday that it will send 400 million free nonsurgical N95 masks to community health centers and pharmacies across the country so more Americans can get the masks that are most protective against COVID-19." More

1315 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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