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Health Tip: Managing Financial Stress - 2019-11-15
"More than three-quarters of Americans say money is a significant cause of stress for them, says the American Psychological Association." More

America's Sweet Tooth Starts From Infancy - 2019-11-15
"Bad eating habits begin at a young age in American children, a new study finds." More

Not Getting Enough Shut-Eye? You Have Plenty of Company - 2019-11-15
"More Americans are having trouble falling and staying asleep, and smartphones and technology are probably to blame, researchers report." More

AHA News: Treatment to Ward Off Stroke Less Effective in Women - 2019-11-14
"Women are at higher risk for stroke and have different stroke symptoms than men. Now, new research suggests another difference: less benefit from a surgery used to treat carotid artery disease, a key risk factor for stroke." More

Most Docs Don't Know Hair Care Is a Barrier to Exercise for Black Women - 2019-11-14
"The extra care that black women's hairstyles can require is often a barrier to exercise, but many U.S. health care providers aren't even aware of the problem, a new study finds." More

Nature Nurtures Kids - 2019-11-14
"Taking that trek through the woods with your child may do more than build strong muscles." More

AHA News: Heart Attack Survivors Who Develop PTSD Don't Always Take Heart Meds - 2019-11-14
"Experiencing a heart attack may be so terrifying that it triggers post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and those who develop PTSD have twice the risk of having a second heart attack." More

Mindfulness May Be a Balm for Breast Cancer Patients - 2019-11-14
"Women with advanced breast cancer might find mindfulness can ease their pain, anxiety and depression, a new study suggests." More

'Meatless Monday' Can Help Change Diets for Good - 2019-11-14
"Many people who tried going meatless one day a week to call attention to food and climate change continued after the campaign ended, a new study says." More

Health Tip: Measuring Weight Accurately at Home - 2019-11-14
"Measuring weight is key to calculating your body mass index (BMI), says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." More

Health Tip: Do's and Don'ts for Calling 911 - 2019-11-14
"NENA shares these do's and don'ts for calling 911:" More

Climate Change Will Hurt Kids Most, Report Warns - 2019-11-14
"Children will face more food shortages and infections if climate change continues unchecked, researchers from the World Health Organization and 34 other institutions warn." More

People Who Can't Read Face 2-3 Times Higher Dementia Risk - 2019-11-13
"Could illiteracy up your odds for dementia? That's the suggestion of a study that found seniors who couldn't read or write were two to three times more likely to develop dementia than those who could." More

More Americans Trying to Lose Weight, But Few Succeeding - 2019-11-13
"Americans are more motivated to lose weight than ever before, with increasing numbers eating less, exercising, drinking water and trying out new diets. And it's all for naught." More

Kidney Injury on the Rise in Women Hospitalized During Pregnancy - 2019-11-13
"Kidney damage among U.S. women hospitalized during pregnancy is on the rise, and those women are more likely to die while in the hospital, a new study finds." More

1509 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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