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Restaurant Bans Have Big Impact on Smoking Rates - 2018-01-17
"Ever wonder if bans against smoking in bars and restaurants have actually made a difference?" More

Reduce Legal Blood-Alcohol Limit to Cut Drunk Driving Deaths: Report - 2018-01-17
"Lower legal blood alcohol levels for drivers are needed to eliminate drunk driving deaths in the United States, according to a new report." More

Cycling Won't Sabotage a Man's Sex Life: Study - 2018-01-17
"Men who are avid cyclists needn't worry that hours spent on the bike will translate into problems in the bedroom or bathroom, new research claims." More

The Second Stage of Diet Resolutions - 2018-01-17
"The small changes you've made have added up to big weight loss results. Now, take a few minutes to write down and review all the positive steps you've made in the past and pick a few new ones to adopt during the year." More

Don't Rely on Just One Blood Pressure Test for Kids: Study - 2018-01-17
"It's important to take a second blood pressure reading if your child's first reading points to high blood pressure, researchers say." More

Creativity May Rely on 'Teamwork' in the Brain - 2018-01-17
"Scientists may have discovered what makes a creative mind tick: stronger connections among brain regions that usually work in opposition to each other." More

Weight-Loss Surgery's Benefits Wane Over Time for Diabetics - 2018-01-16
"In the relative short-run, weight-loss surgery helped obese people struggling with type 2 diabetes experience marked improvement in diabetes-related health issues, new research reports." More

Cycling Has Little Effect on Men's Sexual or Urinary Functions - 2018-01-16
"Compared with swimmers/runners, cyclists have no worse sexual or urinary functions, according to a study published in the February issue of The Journal of Urology." More

Home Visit Program Can Help Prevent Toddler Obesity - 2018-01-16
"The "Minding the Baby" parenting home visiting program can significantly lower rates of obesity in young children, according to a study published online Jan. 16 in Pediatrics." More

From Birth On, One Sex Is Hardier - 2018-01-16
"Women are known to outlive men. And that advantage may start early, according to researchers who've found baby girls more likely to survive famines, epidemics and other misfortunes." More

To-Do List Before Bedtime Prompts Better Sleep - 2018-01-16
"It sounds counterintuitive, but researchers report that writing a to-do list just before you hit the pillow might send you off to sleep more quickly." More

Is Obesity Slowing Gains in U.S. Life Spans? - 2018-01-16
"The death rate in the United States isn't decreasing as it has in years past, and some experts blame the opioid epidemic. But a new study suggests America's increasing girth is what's really behind the slowdown." More

Breast-Feed Now, Stave Off Diabetes Later - 2018-01-16
"It's often said breast-feeding is best for babies, but new research suggests it also might have a significant long-term benefit for moms -- preventing type 2 diabetes." More

Health Tip: Talk to Your Youngster About Adoption - 2018-01-16
"If you are a parent of a young adopted child, it may be time to talk about the child's birth story." More

Workplace Workouts … and Why They Work - 2018-01-16
"Workplace wellness programs are great ways to get in shape, but what if your employer doesn't offer one? Here's how to get the (exercise) ball rolling." More

2219 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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