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State Lotteries Didn't Help Boost Vaccination Rates - 2021-10-15
"A shot at winning $1 million did nothing to budge the number of people who got the COVID-19 jab." More

AHA News: Carrying a Tune Could Lead to Better Health - 2021-10-15
"According to a growing body of research, bursting into song is good for both your body and your brain." More

Vaccinated Foreign Travelers Can Enter United States Beginning Nov. 8 - 2021-10-15
"All international travelers who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will be able to enter the United States beginning Nov. 8, an official at the White House told The New York Times." More

Two-Thirds of Parents of Kids Ages 5-11 Plan to Get Them Vaccinated Against COVID: Poll - 2021-10-15
"In some heartening news on the vaccine front, two-thirds of American parents of children ages 5 to 11 plan to get their youngsters vaccinated when COVID-19 shots are approved for that age group, a new survey shows." More

Americans Are Eating More Ultra-Processed Foods - 2021-10-15
"Ultra-processed foods are ready-to-eat or heat, include additives, and contain little, if any, whole foods. They include frozen pizza, soda, fast food, sweets, salty snacks, canned soup and most breakfast cereals." More

Despite Pressures of Pandemic, U.S. Nursing School Enrollment Climbs - 2021-10-15
"Even as large numbers of U.S. nurses leave their jobs due to the stress of the pandemic, there's been a big uptick in applications to nursing schools, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing says." More

Biden Administration to Invest $100 Million to Ease Health Worker Shortage - 2021-10-15
"The National Health Service Corps will receive $100 million to help tackle the U.S. health care worker shortage, the White House announced Thursday." More

Kids Can Carry High, Infectious Levels of COVID Coronavirus - 2021-10-14
"From newborns to new adults, young people who get COVID-19 can carry high levels of the virus and spread it to others even if they show no symptoms." More

FDA Warns Against Using At-Home Dermal Filler 'Pens' - 2021-10-14
"Cheaper, unapproved "at home" dermal filler pens, bought without a prescription, are another much more dangerous option, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration." More

One-Third of Americans With Arthritis Get No Exercise - 2021-10-14
"Many American arthritis sufferers aren't getting any exercise despite its benefits for reducing pain and improving their quality of life, new research shows." More

Death Threats, Trolling Common for Scientists Who Speak to Media About COVID - 2021-10-14
"Doctors who discuss COVID-19 in the media frequently face abuse and harassment, including threats of death or violence, a new report reveals." More

Baby Cereal Sold at Walmart Recalled for  Elevated Levels of Arsenic - 2021-10-13
"Maple Island Inc. announced Friday that it has recalled three lots of Parent's Choice Rice Baby Cereal because of elevated levels of arsenic in the products." More

AHA News: Broken Heart Syndrome Is on the Rise, Especially Among Older Women - 2021-10-13
"Broken heart syndrome, a life-threatening condition whose symptoms mimic a heart attack, is on the upswing, according to new research that shows the sharpest increases among women 50 and older." More

FDA Reduces Recommended Salt Levels in Americans' Food - 2021-10-13
"The goal of the new, voluntary guideline is to help reduce Americans' average sodium intake from 3,400 milligrams (mg) to 3,000 mg per day -- roughly a 12% reduction -- over the next 2.5 years." More

Pandemic Saw Rise in Kids Swallowing Magnets, Tiny Batteries - 2021-10-13
"More kids swallowed small magnets and batteries in 2020 compared to previous years -- a worrisome surge that dovetailed with pandemic stay-at-home orders." More

1234 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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