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Abortion Services Vary Widely Across the U.S. - 2018-03-16
"The quality of abortion services in the United States can hinge on where a woman lives, a new report shows." More

Health Tip: Vasectomy Has Some Risks - 2018-03-16
"About 500,000 men have a vasectomy each year in the United States, preventing sperm from reaching the semen during ejaculation." More

Health Tip: Vaccines Are Important for Adults, Too - 2018-03-16
"The list of vaccinations that you'll need as an adult will vary, based on your age, lifestyle, travel, health conditions and job." More

Risk of Breast CA May Be Higher in Women With Schizophrenia - 2018-03-15
"The incidence of breast cancer in women with schizophrenia may be higher than that of the general female population, according to a review and meta-analysis published online March 7 in JAMA Psychiatry." More

Tonsillectomy May Carry More Risks in Kids Age 3 and Under - 2018-03-15
"When a child's tonsils become inflamed, surgical removal -- a tonsillectomy -- is often ordered." More

FDA Considers Lowering Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes - 2018-03-15
"In an unprecedented move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday said it plans to cut the amount of addictive nicotine in the nation's cigarettes." More

Health Tip: Recognize an Anxiety Disorder - 2018-03-15
"Anxiety is a normal response to stress, but if it becomes overwhelming and difficult to conduct your daily routine, it may be time to seek help." More

Health Tip: Leafy Greens May Slow Cognitive Decline - 2018-03-15
"Eating one serving of green leafy vegetables per day is associated with slower age-related cognitive decline, recent research suggests." More

Fit Middle-Aged Women May Fend Off Dementia Later - 2018-03-14
"You may spend a lot of time working out, but there's a fitness reward you might not expect: better memory in your senior years." More

Drug Copayments Often Exceed Prescription Drug Costs - 2018-03-14
"Drug copayments frequently exceed prescription drug costs, with overpayments affecting 23 percent of all prescriptions, according to a research letter published in the March 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association." More

Vaginal Birth Tied to Later Lack of Pelvic Organ Support - 2018-03-14
"Vaginal birth is associated with worse pelvic organ support five years after a woman's first delivery, and genital hiatus size is an independent predictor of worse support, according to a study published in the March issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology." More

Weight-Loss Surgery Beats Meds for Obese, Diabetic Teens: Study - 2018-03-14
"Weight-loss surgery may help severely obese teens with type 2 diabetes far more than medication and lifestyle changes alone, new research suggests." More

New Technology Gives 'Feeling' to Prosthetic Arms - 2018-03-14
"A new way to provide sensation and natural hand movement in a prosthetic arm improves a person's ability to control the arm, researchers say." More

U.S. Spends Twice As Much for Similar Health Care Utilization - 2018-03-13
"Spending on health care is much higher in the United States than other high-income countries, but utilization rates are similar, according to a study published in the March 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association." More

IL-6 Levels Predict Response to ECT in Depressive Disorder - 2018-03-13
"For patients with major depressive disorder, interleukin-6 may predict benefit from electroconvulsive therapy, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry." More

2189 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

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